Mental Magic: Spoon bending, mind reading, clairvoyance
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Mental Magic: Spoon bending, mind reading, clairvoyance

Max Mindbender, Andreas Arimont

Haven't you always wanted to know how the tricks of a mentalist work? How you can bend a spoon with only the power of the mind? How to stop your own heart from beating? Or what the secrets are of mind reading and clairvoyance? No problem: This ingenious book will reveal the greatest trade secrets of the mental magician. You will learn the tricks and techniques necessary to perform apparent miracles yourself. Contents: Spoon bending Stopping your own heart Mind reading Voodoo signs Stopping a watch by the power of the mind ESP Test Breaking a fork by the power of the mind Get to know the strongest weapons of the mentalist and baffle your friends! These techniques and tricks will get you ready to present your mental powers at the next party, in a bar, at a restaurant or anywhere else. Numerous photos support the explanations.

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